The research fields in which the group HealhtyFit is currently involved establish the guidelines for the discussion and definition of the research projects to be developed. Due to the group member’s professional specialization, the fields that are being considered as priority tasks at the moment and which constitute the base for their researching work are:

1. Physical Activity, Health and Elderly People. The promotion of physical activity among elderly adults is essential to minimize the effects of the ageing process and preserve their functional ability. Upon this premise, this field of research focuses on the identification and quantification of the amount of physical activity that elderly people must perform, according to their individual characteristics and possibilities, in order to carry out an efficacious and efficient intervention.

2. Performance vs Health. The scientific community has traditionally regarded professional sport as a harmful activity for health and very far from the extensively proven benefits that amateur sport offers. However, sport careers are short and once they finish, sportspeople must integrate within a social context that is often new, which demands a big effort from them.  The aim of this research field is to develop norms and guidelines that enable former professional sportspeople to adapt to society and to avoid seeing this adaptation process as an insurmountable obstacle.

 3. Quality, Health and Public Sport Services. Within the field of sports management, the quality of sport services and the users’ satisfaction is an area to be developed. This field of research aims to evaluate the degree of quality in the different public and private sport services which are available in society in order to establish regulated quality parameters according to each kind of facilities.

4. Swimming and Aquatic Activities. The interest in swimming and aquatic activities has progressively increased over the last few years. Society’s growing concern with the analysis and treatment of physical condition and health has encouraged some areas of the sports sciences to research the field of aquatic activities. Based on this fact, this research field tries to utilize aquatic intervention as a non-pharmacological treatment for the improvement of the individuals’ health by taking advantage of the physical properties of water.