The research group HealthyFit is composed of people from different fields and educational levels with proven working experience. It started as a local group at the University of Vigo but it aims to reach an international scope. The group is currently led by Dr. José Mª Cancela Carral (Uvigo).

As far as its relationship with the University of Vigo is concerned, it works as a research group within this university and includes a core of scholars who are involved full-time in the project and who possess extensive professional and researching experience.

The Components of the HealthyFit Group are:
José Mª Cancela Carral Senior Lecturer web
Gustavo Rodríguez Fuentes Senior Lecturer web
Helena Vila Suárez Senior Lecturer web
Oscar García García Lecturer web
Iris Machado de Oliveira Lecturer web
Belia Méndez Rial Assistant Professor web
Silvia Varela Martínez Assistant Professor web
Raúl Varela Lorenzo Assistant Professor web
Irimia Mollinedo Cardalda Researcher “Predoctoral Xunta” web
Miguel Adriano Sanchez Lastra Researcher “Predoctoral Xunta” web
Pablo Campo Prieto Assistant Professor web
Mario Iglesias Caamaño Researcher “Predoctoral Uvigo” web
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