Professionals and researchers in Physical Exercise and the Elderly Network (REFyTE)

The network of professionals and researchers in Physical Exercise and the Elderly, appears in the bosom of the Healthyfit research group (HI22), University of Vigo, due to need to create a discussion forum, experiences analysis, to submit proposals of interventions and of research. The aim of improving the health and life quality in elderly through the exercise.

Network’s objective

  1. To become a connection between practitioners and researchers involved in the prescription exercise for the elderly.
  2. To provide updated training via online in the field of prescription of exercise in the elderly by dissemination of the results of recent work and research experiences in this field.
  3. To present the different lines of research developed by researchers and research groups involved in the network.
  4. To report findings from research experiences performed by the professionals involved in the field of exercise and the elderly.
  5. To offer a forum for communication and discussion as well as to exchange facts which contribute  to improve the body of  knowledge regarding the prescription of physical exercise in elderly.
  6. To perform surveillance functions for a better practice in prescribing exercise for the elderly.
  7. Promoting collaborations between the University and the sport companies in order to carry out projects in the field of exercise and the elderly.
  8. Offering useful information regarding exercise prescription for the elderly:
    • Relevant events: congresses, training courses, video conferencing, etc.
    • Performance and ongoing projects developed by different network components (training activities, teaching, corporate projects, projects with public agencies, collaboration agreements, publications …).

Admission in the Network of Professionals and Researchers: REFyTE

If desired, you can apply to be included in the Network of Professionals and Researchers in Physical Exercise in the Elderly (REFyTE) using the following link: register